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If they’d told us…
If they’d told us in 1954, when Codutti was founded, when we were furnishing stores and bars, when we were passionately transforming gigantic cruise liners into seagoing parlours …
If they’d told us that in 2011 (which was so far off not even Kubrick could imagine it) we’d be designing and building office furniture like this - so futuristic and already classic, consisting of the real materials that your fingers delight in just by grazing the surface, such as leather, wood, metal and fine fabrics...
If they’d told us we’d be making every part (and I do mean “every part”) of this furniture ourselves, as artisans and industrialists working hand-in-hand.
That we’d be combining inspired fine design with strict adherence to standards, which are like heart and mind.
If they’d told us…We’d have laughed. We’d have laughed and wouldn’t have been able to stop. We’d have laughed at what we’d have considered to be the predictions of fortune tellers, prophets of an impossible history.
If they’d told us, we’d have laughed so much, so very much, so very very much…
But they would have been right.
Sergio Codutti


17/04/2014 Happy Easter

We inform you that Codutti spa will be closed for Easter Holidays

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