Dear customer, Codutti Furniture srl It is a company committed for over half a century in the production of executive furniture that, thanks to exclusive workmanship and high quality materials, is able to adequately enhance the high level office space.
Our goal is to provide a high quality product and an attractive design that allows our customers not only the best efficiency, but also the expression of their own personality with tailor made customizations.
On the following pages we will present our reality and the values that we propose to the most important companies and institutions in the world.


Codutti Furniture S.r.l. was born in order to keep a tradition that, since 1954, associates the brand Codutti with prestigious and high quality furniture. Born from the commitment of 3 brothers in a little country workshop, the quality and the reliability of its products allowed Codutti to enter in a short time the market of luxury furniture, by supplying furniture for two important cruise ships. Raffaello and Michelangelo, which were the pride of italian fleet in '60s. Over the years the company made increasingly clear its vocation for the manufacture of luxury furniture, developing particularly the office world. The classic wooden proposals, was accompanied by a masterful processing of leather that has become the distinctive element of Codutti furniture and that brought our products in the most prestigious offices in the world. If the craftsmanship and attention to detail have made Codutti synonymous with luxury and quality, has not been neglected the opportunity to offer, to those who want to coordinate the entire own environment, even operative furniture that in the 80s have become be part of the proposal through the Codutti Axilon brand.


Codutti Furniture Srl today is a company projected to the future with a steady research that allows to offer offices with new materials and technological contents for the new leading class. High level of products customization, both on the classical collections and on the modern ones, is the fundamental added value that turns the prestigious Codutti's office into a absolutely exclusive environment where the handcraft care emerges from every detail. Codutti is present in the major world markets through the export of high quality executive furniture. An offer based on 8 collections with unique design and instantly recognizable can meet the needs of the most demanding customer all over the world.


Every single piece is internally designed and carefully tested to ensure maximum quality and compliance with the directives relating to ergonomic and functionality. The technical department of the Codutti is permanently available to the customer for the development of proposals for highly functional furniture, without ever losing sight of both the particular operational requirements and the aesthetic or stylistic feature of the environment to be furnished. The preparation of technical drawings and layouts appropriate to the project allows the customer to make a precise and conscious choice of their furnishings, completed by the certainty of being able to count on solutions specifically designed to meet their needs, even the most unusual.


The high level of quality of Codutti's products born from carefully crafted workmanship. All wooden and metal parts are worked by numerical control machines that ensure maximum precision and reliability in the result. All parts in thick leather or thin leather are strictly hand-crafted following the dictates of traction. This allows you to give the due care and attention to every single piece so that it can deserve the Codutti brand.


Codutti has always been committed in the research of materials that, in addition to defining the furnishing preciousness, are in harmony with the environment. Materials such as wood, leather, metal, glass and stone that are enhanced in their essence through processes that do not denature their essence. Plastic and synthetic materials are relegated to applications where alternatives are not available, then they occupy a very marginal role.


A product of excellence deserves an excellent service. Our back office is always available to the customer to ensure timely information throughout the sales process and to ensure the complete satisfaction of the final client, even after the installation. The furnishings of greatest prestige are identified by a serial number and a certificate of authenticity which establishes exclusivity in the production and that gives maximum control over each component produced. This is accompanied by the availability of a maintenance kit for keeping each piece of furniture in its optimal conditions through a range of specific products for the cleaning and the maintenance of wood and leather.