Codutti: made in Italy since 1954

Codutti is an Italian brand specialized in high-quality design office furniture. Founded in 1954, the company has become a benchmark in the office furniture sector, offering a comprehensive range of solutions ranging from managerial desks to meeting areas and common spaces. Each collection, which includes tables and desks, meeting tables, storage units, front desks, sofas, chairs, and accessories, is designed to meet the most specific needs of the clients. Thanks to in-house production, Codutti is able to customize each element, ensuring a unique and incomparable office experience.


From the humanity of a small workshop to the greatness of Italian design

The story of Codutti began in 1954, when three brothers joined forces in a modest village workshop. Since then, Codutti has built a legacy of quality and prestige, becoming a benchmark brand in the luxury furniture market. Attention to detail and product reliability led the company to provide the furnishings for two icons of the Italian fleet in the 1960s: the Raffaello and Michelangelo cruise ships. Over the years, Codutti has refined its passion for producing high-end furniture, specializing particularly in the office sector.

In addition to traditional wooden offerings, the company has introduced meticulous craftsmanship in leather and hides, becoming a distinctive element of the brand. Today, Codutti’s product range also includes a wide selection of operational furnishings, customizable with various materials.


The secret of Codutti's quality: the production method

The Codutti production method is the key behind the high quality and prestige of its office products. This unique process combines artisanal care with advanced technology: while the wooden and metal parts are processed using CNC machines to ensure maximum precision, the leather or hide details are rigorously handcrafted, following traditional guidelines. This combination of methods ensures that each piece of furniture is worthy of the Codutti brand, offering unique value and experience in the industry.


An innovative approach for high-quality office furniture

Maximum quality and functionality: how Codutti designs office furniture with a focus on ergonomics and customization

The Codutti design method is a distinctive process that emphasizes quality, ergonomics, and functionality. Every single piece of furniture is designed in-house by our technical office, which is always available to clients to develop highly functional solutions. This personalized approach takes into account both operational needs and the aesthetic and stylistic characteristics of the environment to be furnished.

The design phase begins with a detailed analysis of the client’s needs, followed by the preparation of technical drawings and graphic layouts. These tools allow the client to make a precise and informed choice of their furnishings. Each component is then rigorously tested to ensure maximum quality and compliance with guidelines related to ergonomics and functionality. This level of attention to detail ensures that each product is specifically designed to meet even the most unusual requirements.


Balance between luxury and sustainability

Codutti’s sustainable design method sets a benchmark in the high-end office furniture sector. The company is strongly committed to sourcing materials, that not only define the luxury of the furnishings, but are also in harmony with the environment. Materials like wood, leather, metal, glass, and stone are enhanced in their essence through processes that respect their intrinsic nature.

Plastic and synthetic materials play an extremely marginal role in Codutti’s philosophy. These materials are used only in applications where sustainable alternatives are not available. This conscious approach to material selection underscores Codutti’s commitment to providing furnishing solutions that are not only luxurious but also sustainable.