Technological innovations for new designs

POR FESR 2014-2020
Attività 2.3.a – Bando 23a1 bis “Aiuti agli investimenti e riorganizzazione aziendale delle PMI”
approvato con DGR n. 2638 del 28 dicembre 2017

Economic aid awarded for the Company CODUTTI FURNITURE SRL for the following project:
“technological innovations for new designs”
in the production site of Martignacco (UD) and acceptation of spending commitment.
Prat. N. codice MIC (MIC) 42452 codice RNA-COR 2276674 codice CUP C27I20000190007

Whole investment 310.580 euro
Contribution 124.000 euro

The investment's aim is to support the Company in a technological modernization plan oriented to the growth and re-launching of Codutti brand.
Thanks to the investments on automated technologies, the company will be more competitive, taking advantage in terms of flexibility, rapidity, productivity, integration, security, sustainability and innovation.
Flexibility and rapidity are the key to obtain the reduction of the time-to-market, essential requisite to meet the market demand of fast solutions and customization.
market demand of fast solutions and customization.