The office furniture design collection One represents the quintessence of comfort, technology, and functionality in the executive furniture world. Designed and crafted by Codutti, a name synonymous with craftsmanship and industrialization in the office furniture sector since 1954, this collection is the result of seventy years of experience in made in Italy design and production.

Codutti has always aimed for excellence, creating high-end office furniture solutions distinguished by attention to detail and artisanal care. This commitment is reflected in every element of the One collection, from the choice of precious materials to the precision of the finishes.

The One collection is not just functional; it’s also a unique and engaging office environment that inspires you every day. Each piece is designed to contribute to your well-being and facilitate the success of the activities that make you a protagonist in your work life.

The office furniture design collection One is more than just furniture; it’s an experience that elevates the workspace to a higher level. With its unparalleled comfort, cutting-edge technology, and practical functionality, One is the ideal choice for those who desire a work environment that reflects their personality and aspirations.

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Versatility and customization

One is the office furnishing collection created to bring nature and wellness in your work space. Wood, glass, steel, leather and stone with a characteristic semi-rough surface are the perfect combination for a natural environment. All materials used in producing One are fully natural and recyclables. The panels are made in recycled wood fibre veneered in natural wood and painted with non-toxic paints. The main wood used for this collection is walnut. The decorative details and some of the elements are made in natural stone obtained from North-eastern Italian caves that are then processed with care by expert artisans. The glass elements reflect the light and colours like a mirror of water in pristine nature. The steel portions give light to the furnishing and with their solidity support the structural elements of the One collection. Flexibility is a fundamental value for Codutti. The One collection is designed to be highly customizable, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Whether it’s for businesses, professional studios, or contract projects, even in international markets, Codutti is by your side to provide custom-made solutions that enhance the quality of your workspace.

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