The world of the office is constantly evolving, shifting its focus from the individual to the team as the fundamental nucleus of work. In this dynamic and increasingly fluid context, Codutti’s 2BE collection of operative offices emerges as a revolutionary solution. Designed by the acclaimed Daniele Canuti, this collection is the perfect answer to the ever-changing operational needs of modern workspaces.

The materials used in the 2BE collection are of high quality, selected to ensure durability and resistance. This commitment to material selection and finishes reflects Codutti’s “Feel Free” philosophy, which aims to create workspaces, that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

One of the strengths of the 2BE collection is its versatility. Designed to easily adapt to various work and contract contexts, it offers a range of solutions, from operational desks to conference room tables. Flexibility is further enhanced by the ability to easily reposition furnishings, allowing companies to adapt spaces to their current needs.

Codutti’s 2BE collection represents a new era in the design of operative offices. With its focus on details, high-quality materials, and versatility, it’s the ideal choice for companies looking to create a workspace that is both professional and welcoming. It’s not just furniture; it’s a work philosophy that places the well-being of the team and the quality of work interactions at the center.

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Innovative design and unique details

The distinctive stylistic feature of the 2BE collection is the curved line, a design element that eliminates 90-degree angles on work surfaces. This choice allows for direct visual communication among team members, facilitating the sharing of projects and ideas. But that’s not all. The tubular metal structures supporting the work surfaces and bookshelves are another key element. These structures are accompanied by the iconic “roof,” available in both sound-absorbing version and with a plant box, adding a touch of nature to the workspace. The tops are made in melamine.

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